World's Largest - A Documentary About Small Towns with BIG THINGS

World’s Largest Review Excerpts

“A little movie with a big heart, “World’s Largest” is a brilliant documentary about small towns with big hopes.” (four stars)
- Linda Cooke, Quad-City Times

“A revealing and empathetic look at a peculiar phenomenon.”
- Sarah Cohen, Time Out London

“…an incredibly charming look at the spirit of small-town America.”

“…a poignant, heartbreaking portrait of the nation’s economy — the real “main street,” if you will.”

“…an interesting doc with a lot of heart, a testament to the fact that, as one farmer describes, “every little town needs something special.””
-Neil Miller, Film School Rejects

“…beautiful and moving, and absurd and weird, and fascinating and poignant.”
- Adam Azoulay, Reel Empire

“It starts out as a funny look at quirky characters and oddball statues, and slowly reveals itself as a wistful commentary about a pastoral community that is ebbing away.”

“…it explores the continental divide between young and old, past and present and a landscape that is slowly being transformed — one gaudy, gargantuan vegetable at a time.” (four stars)
- Christopher Lloyd, The Film Yap

“…beneath the quirky sculptures and local customs, there is the sad and understated tale of a disappearing small-town America, desperately hanging on to the last shreds of history or the faintest glimmer of a future.”
- Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle

“World's Largest is a delightfully entertaining, feel good and well constructed feature documentary”

“World's Largest is a true cinematic delight”
- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic